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Landlord’s battle to mum of five who lived in a mountain of rotten junk and kept a HORSE in the garden causing £20k of damage, The Sun – 2nd March 2019

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Disgusting crime-ridden block of flats home to rats, squatters and rubbish to be demolished, Hull Live – 24th December 2018

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Mum’s worry as squatter son evicted from Exeter pub, Devon Live – 25th September 2018

‘Serial squatter’ who has been evicted 20 times is sentenced to six years in prison for continually renting homes under a false name and never paying, The Daily Mail – 19th September 2018

Mafia drug dealers move into ‘social housing’ for easy money, The Times – 12th September 2018

Farm secures over 50 acres of water meadows, thanks to a local doctor, Salisbury Journal – 10th September 2018

Shameless squatters move into a landmark Garde II listed pub and start selling off the fixtures and fittings after holding ‘rowdy sex parties,’ Mail Online – 6th September 2018

Traveller faces court action for ‘trespassing’ on land he has lived on for decades, Norwich Evening News – 24 August 2018

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