Bespoke Law Firm

Fredericks Shaw Ltd is an adverse possession specialist law firm,
based in the City of London.

It has a national reach, acting for clients throughout England and Wales.

Hannah Jameel, the Director has acted in numerous adverse possession matters, throughout England, including in Cheshire, Kent, Lancashire, London, Manchester, the Midlands, Surrey, Sussex and Yorkshire.

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Fredericks Shaw Ltd is a boutique law firm, regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales. The Principal of Fredericks Shaw Ltd is Hannah Jameel. Hannah is a practising barrister. She is authorised to conduct litigation and is public access qualified.

Hannah was called to the Bar in 2003. She commenced her career at the independent bar, before moving to in-house positions at City of London law firms. Before founding Fredericks Shaw Ltd, Hannah practised in a City of London firm with a specialism in adverse possession. Hannah has a great deal of experience in adverse possession matters.

Fredericks Shaw Ltd is based at 20 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AN.

How can Fredericks Shaw Ltd help you?

Fredericks Shaw Ltd is a specialist adverse possession law firm. Hannah Jameel has made adverse possession applications to the Land
Registry and undertaken associated work such as advising on evidence, legal principles, procedure, statutory declarations and ADV1 / FR1 forms.
Hannah Jameel has a successful track record in adverse possession applications. Recently she has been successful in a variety of adverse possession applications, including a town house worth £1.4 million pounds, a terraced house worth £800,000, a semi-detached house worth £400,000 and a commercial property worth £750,000.

Hannah Jameel is experienced in the area of adverse possession and have successfully brought and defended adverse possession applications, tribunal and court claims. Hannah Jameel was involved in the case of Mr Keith Best in the Court of Appeal, against the Land Registry, in one of the leading court cases on adverse possession.

Examples of recent work include:

W v S (First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber) Successful in an adverse possession tribunal claim for a part of a residential garden in Manchester.

E v H (First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber) Successful in a contested adverse possession tribunal claim for a residential house in Surrey.

In the matter of D (Adverse Possession application) Successful in an application for adverse possession of a residential house in London.

In the matter of P (Adverse Possession application) Successful in an application for adverse possession of commercial land in London.